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About GoWomenLG

The GoWomenLG 2016 project is run by The Victorian Local Governance Association (VLGA) and is aimed at encouraging more women to run for Victorian local government elections.  Other aims of this project are to reflect the diversity of women in running, to prepare women to run good electoral campaigns, and to develop their knowledge of councils and good governance in preparation for the election.

The VLGA links local government, councillors and the community to build and stengthen local governance and democracy, and as a part of their mission are advocates for progressive social change. Learn more at

Latest News from GoWomenLG

GoWomenLG Elections Post 1

As from Sunday 23 October, we will be running GoWomenLG election posts , with the latest indications, trends and stories from the count. Although the VEC official  results timetable is staggered across 7-8 days and not confirmed until the week of 31 […]

2020 starts now – GoWomenLG


Evidence based planning – this is a neat summary of what worked and what we need to keep on doing,  evidence from the 2012 Think Women for Local Government Project.

Flash mob – 724 women


Our Flash Mob

A record 724 women candidates are running for local government these […]

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