About GoWomenLG

GoWomenLG aims to increase the numbers and diversity of women who participate as candidates in Victoria’s 79 local government elections. We are now working towards the 2020 elections after a fantastic result in 2016.

We will

  • Let you know more about the issues and the opportunities though our GoWomenLG website, Facebook and Twitter  #shestands #ask1woman #gowomenlg
  • Provide information, learning resources and support for potential women candidates
  • Run regional forums and support many other events around Victoria
  • Do everything we can to invite women who might never think about themselves as potential councillors, but who could make great candidates.

 We’re aiming high – please join us!

This work is a partnership between the VLGA, the Victorian Government and local government and community supporters. It supports the Victorian Local Government Women’s Charter  with its three principles of gender equity, diversity and active citizenship – @MAV  @VLGA  and @over 60 Victorian local governments.

The VLGA is part of the movement to gender equality in Victorian local governments. In 2012, following the Think Women for Local Government 2012 Project , women stood for their councils in the highest numbers ever. And the election results were significant. Every local government now has at least one woman elected, a first in Victoria’s 100 year history of women’ participation in local government.

What if these were the headlines in 2020?

“50% of candidates … in every ward .. are women!”

“… every ward is contested  … by a woman!”

” … 20% of wards have an all women field of candidates ..”

The Victorian Local Government Women’s Charter is endorsed by many local governments. The Charter has 3 principles – gender equity, recognising diversity among women and their active citizenship. Has your Council signed up? How does your Council act on the Charter principles? Lots of good resources on the Womens Policy section of the VLGA website

Local democracies need diversity

GoWomenLG encourages and welcomes a diversity of women. If you are young, of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, or from a more recent migrant or refugee community or the LGBQTI community you are not often seen at the Council table.  We aim to change this so our local democracies reflect and represent our diverse communities. If you have the right to vote, you have the right to stand, so how about it? Find out more, contact us.