After the Election

Congratulations – you finished the campaign!


Councillor Helen Ballantyne

You will be on a steep learning curve but as time passes you will find you have learned so much that things start to come naturally to you. Remember you don’t have to know everything.

Once you are elected, councils have a budget for councillor development and training. You can build your own skills as you go by listening, asking questions and reading relevant information. Take the time to get to know your new colleague councillors and council staff. Keep in touch with your community and your former campaign team.

Make time to think and plan strategically how to achieve what you hope for. Be the councillor you want to be – it’s in your hands.

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Congratulations – you finished the campaign!


Remember that while you may be disappointed with the final election result, on reflection you will see that many opportunities have opened to you as a result of your candidacy. You will be in a better position to have influence with your council. Perhaps you will join council committees or advisory groups. You will be a more skilled advocate for the issues you care about.

Although you may not get elected, the most important thing is that you feel you have undertaken a successful campaign on your own terms. Simply putting your hand up in this way you have expanded your sphere of influence immensely. You have developed many more skills, as a result of the campaign, and learn more about your community. The three messages for women candidates still hold even after the campaign is over.

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