50:50 by 2025 – watch this

The VLGA’s GoWomenLG2016 Project launched its short film 50:50 by 2025 on 27 July 2017. A range of women candidates reflect on their […]

Your community, country and council #2


IF YOU ARE an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander woman living in Victoria and interested in […]

GoWomenLG Campaign Tips

Check out our VLGA Facebook group – More women for Local Government. GoWomenLG tips for 2020 elections are loaded every week. Get […]

What did we achieve for gender equity in 2016?

GoWomenLG2016 Project co-funders and supporters, along with our key partners – the women of Victoria –  have made important progress towards gender […]

Women in local governments – fact sheet

Fascinating facts about elected women in Victorian local government

These are results immediately following 78 council elections in October 2016. Mayors are updated annually. Councillors numbers alter occasionally between elections but […]

2020 starts now – GoWomenLG


2020 starts now! We have the evidence.  GoWomenLG2016 What we achieved,  What builds our numbers and diversity?

79 Victorian local government elections in […]

Deciding – balance your act


Deciding about what you will do? To stand or not to stand?

This simple tool helps you to look at your whole life and how much […]

Your Values

As you decide what to do about standing for council, put some thought into what your values are and how you can describe them to others. Here’s a List […]

A Gender Agenda

NOTE:  Recent changes to the Electoral Regulations mean that NO indication of preferences can be lodged for for ballot packs mailed to voters  in postal elections. Ignore references to […]

Useful Links

The following online resources may be useful to prospective candidates.

A Gender Agenda 5th edition 2015 eBook available soon.

VEC (Victorian Electoral Commission)  http://www.vec.vic.gov.au/

VLGA (Victorian Local Governance Association)