What do you need to do to run a successful campaign?

Research – plan – act. After you have done your research  you can start drafting a campaign plan  which includes WHEN – WHAT – WHO – HOW MUCH. Check out A Gender Agenda for some good ideas about planning and more in Resources tab.

Remember you as the candidate need to put in everything you can – and more – to run a great campaign. Whether you get elected or not, running a fantastic campaign will

  • expand your sphere of influence
  • offer learning step by step on the job
  • empower you to be the candidate you want to be.

A good campaign plan also involves planning opportunities to thank your supporters and celebrate at the end of it all. You have done an amazing thing for your community, your team, your self – you have made the ultimate act as an active citizen in your local democracy!

Brainstorm the campaign plan with your team and ask yourselves – “after it’s all over what will make me/us feel good about our campaign?”