WomensCharter21 will see The Victorian Local Governance Association (VLGA) working with 34 Local Governments around Victoria to help Councillors activate their commitment to the principles of the Local Government Women’s Charter. We will work with Councils to develop Councillor Charter champions and local plans that support the objectives of the Women’s Charter – gender equity, diversity and active citizenship.  The work is funded under the Community Partnerships for Primary Prevention (CPPP) program and as gender equity is a powerful preventer of violence against women, this unique project supports the CPPP program and recommendations from the Royal Commission.

To get you started, use this guide WomensCharter21 – a guide to action to help you figure out where your Council is up to and how far it has to go.

Regular updates about the Project will be posted on this site and the More Women for Local Government Facebook page.  Get in touch if you want to be part of this – whether as a community member or Councillor.  Call Gail on 03 9349 7999.